Before you even take your first shot.

I adore checklists, and this is one for the ages.

Gettaloda this thing! I nearly had a heart attack when I printed out the battery of tests I would need. The first two clinics I researched (and one I later used) never gave me anything like this: no wonder I felt so overwhelmed by it all.

Let me break it down for ya:

Tests to make sure everything works right, blood tests for diseases, baseline hormone levels, and other basics, similar for John, and genetic screening choices.

Now that it’s all done, I look back and go, Yeah, that all makes sense. But having all these tests out in front of you is a really intimidating process.

Most don’t hurt, but some do.

The HSG┬áhurt like an SOB. You get filled with radioactive ink. After that test I told John I was never doing another test alone and ordered him to come with me. That was over-doing it… that was the only one that really hurt.

The SIS you get filled with saline. A bit uncomfortable, but not so bad.

The Doppler was no sweat – on the belly ultrasound.

The mock transfer was intense but not painful.

The blood draws aren’t so bad – as long as the nurse hits your vein. When she doesn’t, then it burns. That happened – twice.

In the end, I welcome it. It’s hard, but it’s all a part of the process – a process that I am choosing, a process I want to go through because I know the magic that exists on the other side. So, bring on the tests.

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