Round 2. Day 3.

It’s wild to sign on for a giant medical procedure without having met your doctor face-to-face, and having not visited the facility. After being in touch for 8 weeks, today I finally get to check out their digs.

It’s every bit as spiffy as I thought it might be – it’s superficial I know, but it’s comforting nonetheless.

The nurse calls me back – first a poke for estradiol levels – which turn out to be just right at 370. Whatever that means. Then an ultrasound for follicle count and size.

The doctor sees 9 on the right, and the left is tucked away (argh!) so we will have to wait.

In the photo, you can see 3 dark circles. Each of those is a follicle. He measures across it from 2 directions to get the size. Right now they are measuring around 6mm across. There isn’t much more to know – I have a thousand questions I want answers to – but I have been here before and what I know is that is it too early to tell. So I keep my questions to myself.

That’s it – 10 minutes and I’m done.

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