IVF Vacations & Day 10.

It was great to get out of town for… an afternoon.

We now find ourselves in a familiar routine of Get Ultrasound, Go to Pharmacy to Refill Drugs, Wander Aimlessly Until We Hatch a Plan. While hopelessly stuck waiting for a train that has parked itself on the tracks, we decide to wander out to the coastal village of Seaside, about 1.5hr’s drive from Portland.

It was a welcome reprieve from the noise and clatter. I’m already being hyper-stimulated – I don’t need to be overstimulated too.

The tide was allll the way out, the water cold, and the air grey. Perfectly somber recovery weather. It wasn’t meant to last though – we got called back for another morning (8:15am!) ultrasound.

This time the doctor counted 20 (!!) on the right and 11 on the left, though not all are mature. Many of those won’t mature, and most look to not be ready yet.

[Above: 5 bigger follicles and 2 smaller]

Last round there were 3 mature and 8 immature – not a good result. So he wants to wait one more day – until Saturday – for retrieval, in order to give the eggs more time under the grow lights. In my mind, I was ready for Thursday, delayed to Friday, pushed to Saturday.

I pull out one of the intended-to-inspire-and-let-go quotes from the waiting room:

We also learn that because my retrieval is Saturday, the doctor we have been meeting with will not be present. A different doctor will do the surgery. Everyone assures me he is great, experienced, etc, but it’s little consolation to change horses for the most important part of this thing.

I’m not sure I want to embrace the uncertainty. I want the doctor I know. I said my piece to the nurse coordinator; she frowns at me. We will see what happens.

Back on the positive mindset horse though! In the mean time, I now have 31 (!!) follicles to picture in my morning meditation. With all the bouncing around my mind does, it’s going to take a while to visit with each one! Good thing our morning ultrasound tomorrow isn’t until 9:15.

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