We can field a complete hockey team with these numbers!

After pretending to myself like I wasn’t paying attention to what day and when the call would come, it was finally Friday morning. With back-to-back meetings, I knew I would likely miss the incoming call from ORM. Sure enough, 5 minutes into a client call, I could see ORM on the screen of my phone. I would have to wait an hour to call back for results. 

Somehow I managed to put the suspense out of my mind and focus on my client. But the moment my call was complete, I was on the horn. But oh my goodness, their phone tree is notorious for its branches. Then, “Because of our exceptional service, someone will be with you shortly.” I wait and wait, not wanting to leave a message. Finally, someone picks up. She needs to connect me to embryology, and in doing so, the call drops. So I start over. All the while I can feel my body trembling. I know just how important this news is, and the results can mean we have happy prospects, or that we are down to the wire. Or any where in between.  I shake and shake, and try to keep it together.

The embryologist picks up, and she says, “Great news!” I feel my whole body relax, and she tells me that they froze twelve embryos. Twelve!! That is well beyond anything I would have let myself imagine. 

From here it means our overall chances are really good: 30% should pass genetic screening, which means we might have 3 or 4 to work with. If you implant a viable embryo, it has a 60% chance of yielding a healthy baby. At this point, we really couldn’t ask for better numbers. 

My dad says, “You can save on jerseys! They’ll all have the same last name.”

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