Lost in the between

There have been loads of “waits” in this process. If anything has suprised me about the whole IVF experience, it is the wild variation of phases that are all-consuming (shots, ultrasounds, blood draws, test results almost every day) followed by radio silence.

All we have had to do in the last 6 weeks is fax in our consent form. Which, I had to do 3 times because apparently I’m too sloppy about things.

But it is starting to ramp up again. Finally! I had gotten so used to being lost in times between that IVF is pretty much out of my mind, except for when people ask me about it. Which is almost every day. I don’t mind being asked, but the answer is always the same: “waiting.” Yup, just waiting. More waiting. Still waiting.

Anywho, I had a day three ultrasound Monday. Everything looks normal, and I am on track. On track for a transfer when? I ask the nurse. Between the 20th and the 27th.

We will have a more accurate forecast next Monday after my day 11 ultrasound  and blood labs.

Until then, I am still in between. Waiting.

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