3 shots before coffee

I love being able to pretend I’m a mad-scientist. Or doctor. Or chemist. The measuring, the the mixing… it’s all kind of fun.

But before coffee, it’s a bit hard to focus, and I have moments of “wait what am I doing” as I mix.

From left to right:

  1. Ganirelix. This one is the easiest. No measuring, no mixing. Just push out the air and shoot.
  2. Menopur. This one is tricky. Get the liquid from one vial and mix it into the powder in vial 2. Once dissolved, pulled the liquid from vial 2 and mix it into the powder in vial 3. Toss vial 4 before you accidentally do anything with it. So there are two powder doses dissolved in the liquid in vial 3. Pull the the now mixed medicine into the syringe, change the needle tip to the thinner needle (don’t inject with that giant thing!) and shoot.
  3. Omnitrope. This gets mixed once, and has 3 day’s worth of doses in it. Pull out what you need, and inject. Hurry up and get the remainder back in the fridge – don’t inattentively toss it in the biohazard bucket.

All this used to be an intense, frightful few moments – “This goes here, right? Is this the right needle? How much air bubble is ok? How much liquid is ok to not capture from the vial? I injected an air bubble – oh no! am I going to die? I hit a capillary – is that ok?” All these uncertainties have lent to a bit of background nerves, but now I am in the groove and it’s just another part of my day. Now then. Where’s my coffee?

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