Day 9. Live measuring!

Portland traffic is a mess, and everyone is on bikes except me.

But who cares, that’s not why we are here. It’s follicle measuring time.

I have this mixed bag of emotions that I don’t know how to reconcile, and I can’t drink beer, so the next best option is to just ignore them. They will go away, and besides, they have little bearing on the outcome.

Yet, I can’t help but get excited when it’s time to count. It’s the moment where I finally get to see tangible results of all the researching, planning, waiting, and shooting.

Clearly, counting is a skill that comes with time. Below is a video for you to test your own abilities. The doctor counts 9 large and 5 smaller, though the video ends before you hear him count that far. Still, you will see him scan back and forth.

Measuring Follicles – it’s PG but if you don’t know me well you might think it’s weird. It’s a video version of the photo above.

[FYI – video is a 100MB download, until I learn how to embed it.]

If you keep an eye on the lower right corner, you will see the average of the X and Y axis measurements being calculated. The doctor wants them to be 20-22mm for retrieval, and right now the larger ones are at 15mm, the smaller ones are 7-9mm. So, more shots tonight, and back for more measuring (gladly!) tomorrow morning.



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