Day 11. Wait.

Enough drugs, and enough testing. We are there.

Last night I gave myself my trigger shots – (Note to self: don’t toss your medicine before you’re sure you don’t need it. Buying replacement med is expensive) – which I take at precisely 10:45pm. We pause House of Cards for the pricks, which in comparison to Frank Underwood & Co., are child’s play.

During yesterday’s scan, the nurse counted 17 mature follicles. Maturity is measured in millimeters – in this case, anything larger than 14mm. The larger ones are about 21mm.

For reference:

VIDEO: You can see them all on the right side, as the nurse scans from left to right:

Follicle Scan on Day 10  (28MBs.)

Collecting 17 eggs would be a great start. On average, it takes 9.7 eggs to get to one viable embryo.

We take advantage of the gorgeous day to do a bit of touristing. We visit the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, along with every last young child in town, we take in one final breakfast at a hipster-loaded cafe, and get lost twice on the way to the Test Rose Garden in Washington Park. It’s nice to have a day off from shots.

I can’t and don’t really think about tomorrow. There is little I can do at this point. My only job now is to remember to show up on time in the morning. If you don’t think I’m capable of forgetting, see above note to self.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:45, so think of us while you’re having your omelette.

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